Poetry books (free), CBEST (fail)


The college library (in the same building as mine) had a poetry display all last month, even though Poetry Month is April (everyone knows that – or perhaps just the optimistic poets do, and the confessionalist poets enjoy [or try to enjoy] December). I signed up for all the posters they had so I can look even more like a poet when I get my own classroom. I’d say that’s proof of “it’s all about who you know” but honestly, I’m the only one who seemed to notice (what can you expect, it’s December).

I went next door today and saw eight stacks of books, some of just two, others of a dozen or so – all books of poetry. My friend next door just started chucking one each into my hand, told me to take ’em. The six that do have prices total to 103.85 $, and that makes the two that are unpriced (but still have ISBNs) that much more dear. What makes these so great is that most of them are selections of college work – all published by the Academy of American Poets, some selected by colleges and professors. This is my thing, dig? Just in the last year I’ve set certain goals – one to be an associate or fellow of the AAP, and the other to be the poet laureate of California. (A third goal is to be on Charlie Rose, but that’s pertains more to the play I’m co-writing, so.) These books, yes free, have meant a lot to me today.

I didn’t pass the writing section of my CBEST, the three-part test needed to start the teaching credential program. All joking aside, it comes down to time management; I canned the section by reading over my first essay when I could have been gearing up my second essay even better (the second essay fell short a hundred words or so). Failing the test this week means that I can’t make the school until Fall 2009. I was mad, really mad, but I’ve already made sense of it. The benefit is now I can retake the test and not only be better prepared to apply to the program, but also spend those 6 months substitute teaching – something I could have been doing for months already, had I taken and passed the CBEST back in June (sadly, the earliest I neglected to take the test). I know, it kind of sounds like “I’m so happy to be single now, cos now, I’m freeBAHAHAHAAAAAARGGGH!” but sincerely, this is best. And I’ve spent most of this week resizing myself, so I’m pretty sure about this one.

Okay, maybe the next post will be best album covers, it’ll come…


One thought on “Poetry books (free), CBEST (fail)

  1. I hear you have to pass the CBEST to have the opportunity to have a classroom to hang your delightful art posters in.

    Wait, look who’s talking

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