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New work to be displayed… here.

March 26, 2009
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I’ve always been too careful with my work and where it gets published. Whenever I completed something, whether it’s short fiction or poetry, I would be “choosey” about where it was submitted – or even if it should be submitted – for fear that I ‘d be losing some opus to a college paper when it should be printed in something nationally.

The only merit in this fear is that I might peak at 26, but isn’t just the thinking that I’ve written my best work now even worse? With that in mind, and considering that I’m virtually unpublished, I’ve decided to put my work on this site, like I did with “Dr Beauchef, Penguin Dentist.”

The first is “The world owes her the breeze,” a prose piece I wrote last week. While it may be something I am proud of, it’d be damn shame if I thought it was my last great poem.

“The world owes her the breeze” page was removed April 24, 2009. Jen commented:
April 11, 2009:
N2- This bomb rituals. Our aid comes routine with the welcome brick. Her cloud’s blouse. She loses her white shops, I use them as teeth. Her gum nipples are mineral. Her fingertips, my fabrics. Her heating, my movie. Now warm with all the workforces I’ve wanted to hear, I speak even in the wine
April 11, 2009:
n+7 the last part 🙂

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  1. March 28, 2009 4:00 AM

    My God, impressive

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