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CBEST, dead comic books

April 18, 2009

I retook my CBEST today to make up the writing section that I failed fall, last year. It’s lucky I didn’t have to do the reading and math sections: for one, when my alarm went off at 5am, I told myself that I was getting up too early and I could actually sleep til 6’30am and make it too San Bernardino (I made it in time, but not without panic); secondly, not having to worry about the two sections I have already passed, I was able to concentrate most of my allotted four hours on the one section. I feel good about my work today. Unfortunately, I can’t disclose either the question or my response, but I will say this: the first essay told me I might be a Republican; the second, that I was raised in a staunch Irish-Catholic family.

When I made it back to Palm Desert, I saw a bunch of magazines or pamphlets on Monterey, one of the busiest avenues in town. At first, they all looked different, so I crossed out the immediate idea that some caballero dropped from his delivery truck. But when I saw a second pile within a block, I saw the classic white, rectangular box that is common in comic book stores to hold back issues.

There I was, an old comic book collector, watching cars driving over back issues of God-knows-what – hundreds or so. It was upsetting; I had to convince myself not to pull over and redirect the busy traffic to collect up the books. “They weren’t even bagged and boarded. Probably old Batman Adventures issues – worthless.”

Still made me sad. So, I went to the mall and ate some cheap sushi.

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  1. Bien permalink
    April 22, 2009 3:38 PM

    Hey Sean…Jen told me about your blog. Love the quote she lifted from you for her Facebook…something about being a child every time you breathe. Sounds like my new mantra 😉

    Miss you and the old mall.

  2. Bien permalink
    April 22, 2009 3:41 PM

    Also (sorry, commented, then read the entry), hope you score as well as you feel you did on your essays. And also, you’re out of the comic book club for not stopping and saving them like evangelicals saving heathens. Old mall, sushi…I’m having a fragmented day. Hope yours is better.

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