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Bill Evans interview; the return of Bill Nye; K. Stetz needs to embrace the initial; CBEST update

May 6, 2009
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I discovered this Bill Evans interview (1966) when I was looking at Kelly and mine’s play, which is loosely based on the life and work of Evans. I found it interesting that he was not only as passionate about jazz as I had always hoped, but his opinion that jazz improvisation was just a revival of the classical form – lost simply because there were no equipment to “‘permanize’ or to ‘catch’ music” – that, because the music had to be written down, classical music abandoned its improvisational process.

 While watching Discovery’s Planet Green (I know, give me a break right? Why can’t TV stations just stick to programming?), I saw a commercial for Bill Nye’s new show, Stuff Happens. Nye is one of the few heroes in my life, and I’ve met him twice, so this is very exciting.

Last Friday, Erica and I went to Water Canyon to catch Kevin Stetz’s gig. He played some oldies, a few new ones (including “Midnight Moonlight in the Morning,” one he showed me last month), and ended with a Neil Young cover. It’s nice to see someone so comfortable with their work and their talent. And, even with the occasional feedback, the man gets a lot out of one guitar.

I received my unofficial results the other day: I passed the CBEST. Oddly, I haven’t written much these last two weeks, and even odder is that, shortly after taking the test, I’m not sure I’m ready to be a teacher. Instead, I’ve decided to move to LA to pursue the talents I have – acting and writing. But, with the CBEST, I can now substitute teach, which will help me get a feel for that profession while I also avoid simply being a waiter while I wait to be discovered.

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