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Car y office chart

September 18, 2010

Before anyone could tell me what a Sunfire actually is (and you people had nine years!), my car died on me. It had been overheating for some time, and even the midnight drive home from Twentynine Palms Sunday – 65 degrees and all downhill – proved just as difficult. It took me two hours what with the stopping and refilling. One moment had the perfect scene: I’m at the VFW, a car passes every so often, and my car spits up the water/coolant that I had just poured in it; it sounded like my car’s death rattle. I took it in on Tuesday; it failed a combustion test, meaning exhaust was leaking into the cooling system and I probably have a cracked engine block. It would cost thousands.

With the help of my friends and family, I’m moving back to Palm Desert Monday. (I owe a lot of my sanity to them. Bread, a place to crash, talking.) I found a nice place that’s near the campus and Jack gave me a bike that can’t be beat. It’s a bummer I can’t just hop over to shows the way I used to, but I’m sure I’ll be around. That moving to LA and visiting San Diego are out of the question makes it feel like both cities are out of the state. And while I’ll miss my car (nine years!), I’m not letting any of this get in my way.

So, what to do now? Probably shouldn’t buy a TV…

office chart (revenege of the baby-SAT)
1. cruise yourself – girls against boys
2. s/t – flight of the conchords
3. this:
4. forgiveness rock record – broken social scene
5! The Suburbs – Arcade Fire

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