“Again with This”

Eye of Horus
In 1979, Eugene Kenney (with help from Rarefied Media) shot the Eye of Horus on the Trans-America Pyramid in San Francisco.

Again with This

Again with this.
Lying through my teeth so much
I’ll probably lose them to the bank.
If Gino was here–
if you were here, you’d have something on “truth.”
Not “I can’t because I don’t want to”
truth, or even “you got it, man” truth.
Something about success coming
30 years too soon.
You’d say something about art,
our world, regardless of where we are.
Something as true as the Eye of Horus
knifing that July evening in two.
You’d assure me that there’s some truth
in how well I butchered that
Carver poem from memory.
And laugh that Carver and Bukowski
were the two read in your name.
Hell, I laughed later.
What more can you do?
Have a drink, hell, I’d love to
but not now, right?
Not with what we know now,
even when everybody knew the last
30 years were blown like the bottle.
Your handshake questions
and your IOU answers.
Dig this truth: I love you.
Not the “never having to say sorry” bullshit truth.
Not the “be vulnerable” truth.
The “I love you, I just
can’t be like you, baby” truth.
I can’t write off, I can’t cool my way through,
even though that’s what I dug about you.
Yes, loved.


One thought on ““Again with This”

  1. To a man
    Lost in Ireland was his
    Sense of self, grounded
    In nothing but what
    He made it to be

    Reaching out to find
    But old ideas and loose change
    Beating a whole in his pocket
    That could not connect
    To what he had

    False starts and true ends
    Brought sameness and estrangement
    To two who had
    Only the other to know
    What he missed

    All knowing eye
    With no knowing I
    Tried my damnedest
    To break through to
    Who I thought
    May be me

    November 10
    A sad day, my day
    To remember whose
    Courses through my veins

    A toast to Osiris, Horus and Ra
    Bring him the rest
    Where he is
    Since he lacked it
    Where he was

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