wakka wakka!



We tried to feed Cleo a doughnut.


Surprisingly, she had no idea what to do with it.


The sign: There’s a Kneebody song “Dr Beauchef, Penguin Dentist” and I wrote a short story based on it. We saw this sign on Lincoln in Santa Monica this week. I think it’s close enough.


I got my hair cut: it’ll never bee the same. I do like my hair cut though, it actually doesn’t look like a hair cut, but I miss the flip. See it? Gone. No personality.


Update – shooting from the hip.

I’m now a tutor at College of the Desert! I met with Rick Rawsley Thursday, he approved my transcripts, and I start training this week. It’s part-time (maximum 20 hours) and I’ll be driving out to Mecca two times a week to tutor at the new extension campus. Mecca’s out in the middle of nowhere, but I grew up in the middle of nowhere, so I’m looking forward to the new place. Also, I figured it be a safe bet to get the assured 12 hours out in Mecca and make up the eight hours where I can, rather than scrounge for all 20 with all the other, already established tutors at the main campus. This is my first job in education so I’m very excited.

I went to Los Angeles for two days, which was actually pretty productive… for a two day trip to LA. I got a haircut, we watched the beach, I watched four women dance, I drove like a fucking champion and saw a great penguin sign that reminded me of the Kneebody song that inspired one of my last short stories, “Dr Beauchef, Penguin Dentist.” Yessir!

I submitted six poems to CSUSB’s Sketchbook and I should hear from them soon. There were some old ones (“Shawn’s Market,” “Richard Hugo”) and some new ones (most notably my first prose piece, “prayer”), but I feel confident in them equally. I’m still working on other pieces but I really want to concentrate on my collaboration with Jen Rydzdikkkkk, maybe working in correspondence or AIM, because we can’t seem to get a meeting together. First, we’ll have to work on her goofy name.

March will be good for me: I have my ticket to clean up (it may cost me money I almost don’t have, but there’s a reckoning there), I have a lot of work to take care of and I’m looking to submit to multiple markets. I have the 2008 Poet’s Market and that really clear’s everything up.

And sorry for the lack of posts (saying sorry to, like, two people, dammit!), I’m just so busy with work and preparing for the coming month, I usually just conceptualize the hell out of my next post that I never get around to actually expressing it. Typical.

Oh, I picked up Ice Cube’s Death Certificate, which was a rap tape I had to hide from my mom. I swear, it’s even scarier today. Oh, and the new Flight of the Conchords sucks, majorly… except for episode 5, which is very funny and it has nothing to do with Gondry’s guest direction. Or that the guy from the Village People is in the opening song. Okay, maybe, but it’s damn good.