The Shit People Leave in Library Books #1: “Atomic, Biological and Chemical Warfare Pocket Reference” wallet card

I’ve been going through my stuff, and will be posting the things people leave in library books – the interesting and random things that people forget in books (or in boxes of donated books, in some cases).

Up first: “Atomic, Biological and Chemical Warfare Pocket Reference” wallet card.


From what I can tell, this was issued to Navy personnel in the 1950s. It’s strange now (I hope), but given the atmosphere then, this card could have come in handy… at least once.


Note the “NavPers 10699” and “GPO” – the latter meaning “Government Printing Office.”


Look at all those instructions! (I feel sorry for the guy who hadn’t read through this thing – up, down, left and right – until he heard an alarm. Scramble!)


The double-sided insert. Note: “1950” on the left card.  “During and After Burst” is particularly interesting – how to determine when (and how important it is) to get back to work, with the added “Remember – the large casualties in Japan [after we bombed them] resulted from failure to provide air raid warning and from lack of organization”.