Well, that’s a first:
Sitting with my life right.
But again
I’m lying down to you tonight,

Swearing the phone
Would not pull me in tonight.
But I’m right:
You’re gonna pull me
Down with you tonight.

So let’s try.
And tells jokes together tonight.
And get right
And beat the walls to fight

And laugh when they
Push us in tonight.
Yeah, hold us close
As we fight before our flight
And both win the bet tonight.

So the prize:
Another fight tomorrow night.
We can slight
Everything in sight.
Yeah, that would be alright
And sure would beat the fight tonight.

We’re the same class–
Yeah, we’re both all alright.
Hand to wall,
Fist through glass–
How many times can we be right?

Let’s find out tonight.
Yeah, hold me close
As the walls close in all night.


4 thoughts on ““Prizefight”

  1. This really feels like song lyrics. It practically sings. Have you considered putting it to music? I have more to say, but let me dream on it.

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